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Add-On Scripts

Bookings engine FOR YOUR WEBSITE or APP

Add-On Scripts are installed separately, using it's own database and files. This means that it's easy to integrate your chosen script into your Website & App.
Appointment Scheduler

Embed an easy appointment booking system into your website and manage appointment calendars, individual schedules, services, and rates.

Availability Booking Calendar

The Availability Booking Calendar is a booking system that shows availability, allows bookings with a few easy steps, accepts online payments, and lets you manage reservations and bookings.

Cinema Booking System

The Cinema Booking System is a seat and ticket reservation system allowing bookings in a few easy steps. Users can process online payments, manage reservations, and customize events. This powerful cinema ticket booking system can be deployed on any website offering tickets for movies, theater, and other scheduled performances.

Class Scheduling System

Class booking system is a great asset for all websites that announce various courses and seminars – foreign languages, business skills, musical instruments tuition, etc. Once installed on your site, the course booking software will enable you to customize classes, add multiple teacher profiles, coordinate events between participants, manage bookings, and process payments. The smart user login system allows teachers and students to access and edit their personal details and keep track of their lesson plans.

Event Booking Calendar

The Event Booking Calendar script is an online event registration system that enables your website visitors to register for classes, training sessions, conferences, and other events directly on your website. Our event booking system has a simple user interface and an administration page that gives you the ability to create customized event registration forms, collect user details, and accept payments.

Event Ticketing System

Installing our event booking system on your website will streamline your event management and ticket sales processes. Our ticketing platform enables you to list and promote unlimited upcoming events, add multiple ticket types (paid, donation, free, early bird, etc.), upload seat maps, manage bookings, and process various offline and online payments. What’s more – administrators can personalize and issue invoices, create PDF tickets, launch promo codes, and use the built-in barcode reader.

Night Club Booking Software

Embed our club booking software into your website and add various booth types with different capacities. Set separate prices and deposits for each booth, and process both offline and online payments as you prefer. As an additional service, customers can preorder different categories of extras such as alcoholic drinks and other beverages. Script admins can send out mass emails to regular clients and promote special club offers. Get our Night Club Booking Software, add reservation management and online ordering functionalities to your website and see your customer relationships improve.

Service Booking Script

The service booking system is intended for websites offering a wide range of services online. Once installed on your site, the Service Booking Script enables you to make a detailed presentation of all services that you offer, show availability, and manage online bookings through a user-friendly Admin Panel. You can also set working time, configure payment options, specify your booking terms, send confirmation messages, etc. Our booking scheduling and management system is a great tool for any small business or ecommerce company.

Time Slots Booking Calendar

Time Slots Booking Calendar is a real-time appointment calendar and online booking system that allows clients to book appointments with you. With the Time Slots Booking Calendar, you can schedule meetings both for individual and group appointments, while avoiding double bookings. Whether you're a Rehearsal Studio, Music Tutor, or other Music Specialist, this is the perfect appointment booking software for your booking page. Let your visitors schedule appointments, easily!

Equipment Rental Script

Our Equipment Rental Script is an advanced and scalable equipment booking software designed to improve your website's conversion rate and performance. Use the equipment rental software to build and manage your own e-commerce store for renting all kinds of Sound equipment, lighting equipment, stage equipment, construction tools, etc.

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