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About Intro2Music

The Intro2Music Project was founded in 2002 by Scottish Musician, & Author Mick McCluskey, with the sole intention of creating powerful online web facilities for Professional Musicians and Bands so that they can directly earn more on their music sales.

The Background

Throughout the late 1990s Mick began creating websites for the musicians he toured and recorded with during decades of playing guitar and saxophone professionally. Over time Intro2Music expanded to cater for clients in many different areas of the global music industry to include, recording and rehearsal studios, and music-related venues from small gig rooms, up to large capacity theatre requirements for visitors and staff. Expansion of this project comes through word-of-mouth referrals from our existing clients and associates, as well as kind donations from many musical artists and related companies. 

Our long-term development team are located in various timezones around the globe, with our main developers situated in, Scotland, England, Wales, France, Poland, USA, Brazil, and Australisia.

During the last 20 years, Intro2Music have been providing online facilities to more than 2000 Music Industry Professionals from across the world.

In 2004 our Intro2Music team launched the musical community website, where working musicians without a budget can get a free website profile to publish, promote, and sell their own works. now has over 10,000 musicians onboard.


Intro2Music Basics...

How can I get an Intro2Music Website or App?

If you are interested in using Intro2Music's Services, go to our Contact Page and send an enquiry. Let us know who the Facilities will be for e.g., 'Band' as well as how much of a budget you have for the project, together with a short explanation of your Online requirements & expectations.  

New clients to Intro2Music usually come by way of referral from one or more of our existing clients or associates, but this isn't always the case.

We welcome applications from all professionals in the music business.

Who are Intro2Music's Clients?

Intro2Music's clients are, Musicians, Bands, Composers, Orchestras, Producers, DJ's, Music Management & Agents, Recording & Rehearsal Studios, Venues, Music Tutors and others.

What features do Intro2Music Provide?

Whether you need a Smartphone App, or a Website, or both, our main capabilities Include: Audio, Video, Photo Gallery, File Downloads, Item Bundle Sales (mix of audio, video, photo etc.), Merchandise Product Sales, Service Sales, Subscriptions, Events Calendar, Blog/News, Google Analytics and much more. Contact us for details.


Depending on your needs and your budget, we will host your website on either Business-Grade Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, or Dedicated Server Hosting.  Our Dedicated Servers are specially configured to run our Music Software Platform and nothing else. They're fast machines, and they utilize SSD technology. All of our Hosting Plans and support are provided in association with our sister site, Intro2 Hosting at,

Can I use my own domain name for my Website?

Yes, you can register a new domain or transfer in a domain you already own. Domain registration & Transfers are handled by our Intro2 Hosting division at

Do you Offer Support for all your Services?

DIY services and facilities include Technical Support only, but extended support can also be purchased. Managed Services and Facilities have a personal support manager assigned to clients. Support can then be conducted via telephone, email, text message, and VOIP e.g. Skype, Zoom etc,.

DIY and Admin Supported, What's the difference?

With Admin Supported Hosting Plans, we will work with you to get your Website or App (or both) up and running as quickly as possible. We'll install all the necessary Files and Databases for you and configure your Website. With DIY packages your hosting Control Panel has all the tools and software you'll need to install and publish your website yourself. You can use our Intro2 Sitepad Drag & Drop Software to create your Website, or choose one of our 1-Click Install Music Platforms.

WebsiteS & App Samples

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Musical Artists Profile's Video Page on

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Smartphone App - Band Template Sample.

Smartphone App - Band Template Sample.

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