Can anyone have an Intro2Music Website?

Not just Anyone. We only cater for Music Industry Professionals. Our services are not set up for average everyday business', but are uniquely configured to run our music software platforms and ancillary services..

I already use social media, why would I need a Website?

Having your own Website is central to any brand. It's where your fans/customers can feel most comfortable in buying your products and learning more about you straight from your 'Official' source. Items on your website can be 'shared' to most social media sites.

Do I really need a domain for my Website?

Yes, your Website must have it's own domain name. Intro2Music is not a community website with a shared resource. Each Website on our servers are stand-alone and require a unique domain name to operate.

Will my website show Intro2Music Branding?

NO. We don't put our branding on our client's Website or Apps.

Can I upgrade my hosting plan easily?

Upgrading your Website to a higher plan depends if you have business grade DIY hosting or a managed server. This is something we would do for you, to limit any downtime.

Can I have public and private areas on my Intro2Music website?

If your website is built using our MCMS System then the answer would be, yes.  You can have some sections for public viewing and other areas with selected User access only.

Can my website have more than one User Login?

Your Intro2Music website will be capable of having unlimited Users if your website is built using our MCMS System.

Various 'Quotas' can be set up for different staff members so, when they log into your website they will see only the features/sections that their 'Quota' allows.

Does Intro2Music offer Sponsorships?

Yes. We occasionally offer sponsorship deals to Musicians and Music related projects. Contact us for further details.

How many audio tracks can I have on my Website?

You can upload as many MP3s/WAV files as you want. You're only limited by the size of your hosting plan.

Can I have a Blog or Latest News section on my Website?

Yes. You can have this on your Website and/or App if required.

Can I upload Videos to my Website?

Yes, you can upload videos to stream or sell.

Can I link to my Youtube Videos and have them on my Website?

Yes, Youtube videos can be imported and be shown on your website.

Will my Website be able to accept credit card or Paypal payments?

Yes. You can easily integrate Paypal or Stripe gateways for credit/debit card processing on your Website.

Can I list my Gigs and other Events on my Website?

Yes, you can show all your up and coming events on your Website. You can also use one of our Plug-In Booking Scripts to sell Events Tickets directly from your Website.

How can I access Intro2Music's App Studio?

If you have an account with us, you should contact your Support Manager and request login credentials for our App Studio.

Do you offer Reseller Facilities for App Studio?

Yes, We offer Multi-User and Whitelabel Reseller Facilities for Intro2 Music clients with a large client base of their own.

Whitelabel Facility lets you add your own branding to the App Studio interface, replacing Intro2 Music's branding. Useful for Management, Agencies, or anyone wishing to have their own App Creation Platform. Contact us for further details.